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Disputes can sometimes arise between a property owner and a contractor regarding the quality of the agreed upon work. Handling a construction dispute, however, can be a complex and serious matter. Because there is a considerable amount of expenses involved in the construction of various buildings and properties, any delay or dispute can end up costing all parties a substantial amount of time, money, and resources.

At Elizabeth A Citrin PC, we have years of experience handling construction disputes, and we know how to build a strong case to pursue the compensation you are entitled to. We can review your case and provide you with the legal advice you need to resolve your dispute. From negotiation or mediation, to aggressively defending your interests in court, our law firm will be by your side to walk you through every aspect of your case.

You Have a Right to Payment & Quality Service

Property owners or lien holders can bring a claim against material providers, builders, contractors, engineers, and architects if they fail to fulfill the duties or services they agreed to perform. Our team of legal professionals can take on any of the following construction disputes:

  • Nonpayment
  • Poor Craftsmanship
  • Fraud
  • Breach of Contract
  • Construction Defects
  • Lien Foreclosure
  • Material / Mechanic's Liens
  • Contractor Licensing
  • Code Violations
  • Delay Claims

We can also help you with:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Lien Advice, Preparation, & Recording
  • Preparation of Demand Letters
  • Collection & Enforcement of Judgment
  • Lien Notices, Waivers, & Releases

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Our skilled attorney can help you determine your rights as a property owner or contractor and she will review your contract for any breaches or legal loopholes that might apply to your case. Our legal team can guide you through the legal technicalities pertaining to your case and we will pursue compensation for the damages you have incurred because of your construction dispute. Let us use our experience and put our skills to work for you today.

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