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When your property has been damaged by a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, hailstorm, tornado, or sewage spill, there are many different causes for concern. Aside from your medical care, you will be concerned about the damages to your property that was involved in the incident with you. We can help you pursue a claim to be compensated for the damages. At Elizabeth A. Citrin, P.C., our goal is to provide you with skilled and helpful legal counsel located in Daphne and serving all of Alabama and Mississippi. We assist clients who have experienced high levels of property damage, including commercial insurance claims in the millions of dollars.

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How Elizabeth A. Citrin, P.C. Can Help You

You can receive legal counsel if you are dealing with the following problems relating to your property damage claim:

  • Delayed payment
  • Demands for further repair estimates
  • Outright denial of claims
  • Lowball or insufficient offers

After your property is damaged, your insurance company may deny you the compensation you are owed. That's why it's important to have a Daphne property damage attorney who serves all of Alabama fighting on your behalf. Elizabeth A. Citrin has years of experience helping accident victims recoup the cost of damages to their property. She understands the ins and outs of the insurance claims process and can help you work to secure the full amount you are owed.

Helping Victims of Natural Disasters

After a hurricane, flood, windstorm, fire, or other significant natural disaster, it is vital that the insurance company works in good faith to cover the costs of significant property damage. Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, when an insurance company acts in bad faith and denies the claim or refuses coverage, it is vital to have an attorney on your side who will fight for your best interests.

Elizabeth A. Citrin, P.C. is on your side. We work to maximize the money you receive in your property insurance claims, such as in lawsuits for underpaid or delayed claims, bad faith lawsuits, or claims that fall under the Unfair Settlement Practices Act. Our firm has handled complex commercial and residential claims in the millions of dollars and fights hard for clients' rights to recover through their insurance policy.

Legal Help You Can Count On

When a hurricane floods your home, a severe storm event destroys your commercial building, or a fire burns down your property, the cost of repairs can be daunting. In addition to having to deal with repairs, you could be facing lost wages and medical bills as a result of the property damage. Our Daphne property damage attorney at Elizabeth A. Citrin, P.C. understands the level of stress you are dealing with and is here to help you submit or appeal your claim.

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