Litigation after a disaster

Whether it is a flood, a fire, a hurricane or any other unforeseen event, coping with the loss, stress and trauma of a disaster takes time to heal and effort to get back your life. Depending on the situation you may have lost property, your job and or time. You may have been injured or lost someone you loved. Each individual experience is unique and each deserves the attention, the time, and the needed care to help you recover.

Unfortunately, with most life changing events, there comes a level of litigation. Many people are not trained nor prepared to deal with the aftermath of a disaster. Often this aftermath includes dealing with insurance claims, law enforcement, hospital and medical care centers and more. At a time when you need all of your energy to get back your basic existence it can be overwhelming to deal with the extra stressors that often surround you.

Everyone faces challenges in life but it is how we face those challenges that can determine how we move through the change. As a survivor of some major life changing disasters Elizabeth Citrin understands that you need to get your life back on track. For this reason she dedicates herself to handling every aspect of your legal case in order to give you time to take care of yourself. She takes the burden of your case and focuses on ensuring a fair and positive outcome for her clients. If you have faced a life changing event and need someone to protect and work for you contact us today at (251) 202-3374

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