E-Cig Explosions: Potential Dangers of a Seemingly Safe Tobacco Alternative

The popularity of e-cigarettes has risen drastically in recent years as the negative effects of tobacco products become more apparent. There is a stigma among younger people who have no desire to smoke traditional cigarettes, and many longtime smokers see vaping as a healthier option for managing nicotine addiction, or even a potential first step in quitting smoking altogether.

The new technology of electronic cigarettes means there is little knowledge of the long-term effects of these products on organs and body systems. Although the benefits of vaping over traditional smoking are still up for debate, there is one major risk presented by e-cigs that tobacco smokers are not subject to: explosions.

What Causes E-Cigs to Explode?

E-cigarettes produce vapor by heating up liquids, usually made of glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring. The heating mechanism inside of vape pens is powered by lithium ion batteries, which are known to be flammable. The batteries and systems in e-cigs can get hot to the point of catching fire or developing into full-on explosions, sometimes fatal. An exploding vape battery can cause users to suffer from burns, bruises and broken bones upon impact, scarring, and damage to the ears, eyes, and face.

Lack of Regulation

As a relatively new phenomenon, vape products are largely unregulated, especially when compared to cigarettes. This lack of governance leaves important safety checks undone, and potential dangers unnoticed.

Lithium ion batteries are present in a number of electronic devices (such as cellphones), but there are safety regulations in place for the batteries in these devices, unlike in e-cigs. There are no laws for the investigation and control of lithium ion batteries in vape pens, so manufacturing processes go unchecked.

E-cigarettes also lack any kind of warning labels, either on the actual product or in-store. Vape producers, wholesale suppliers, and independent stores are not required to present any warnings to their customers about the potential dangers the lithium ion batteries in e-cigs can present. E-cigarettes are widely available for online purchase, increasing their accessibility and adding another layer of regulation-free sale. This is especially true for the targeting of underage consumers.

Have You Been Affected by an E-Cig Explosion?

The injuries caused by an exploding vape pen are often extremely damaging, and can be fatal. Resulting burns and explosion-impact trauma may require expensive surgeries to repair. Medical bills can quickly add up in the wake of an e-cig explosion.

Our Daphne-based defective product attorney is committed to advocating for the victims of defective e-cigarette injuries. You may be entitled to compensation from vape companies, as the absence of regulation puts many customers in harm’s way. We dedicate our practice to recovering damages for injured clients, so you can focus on recovery.

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