The Best Advice If You've Been in an Accident

Some of the best legal advice I can offer is to educate yourself on what you should do if you are ever in an accident. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get to a doctor right away. Weather you think you are hurt or not this is critically important. The insurance companies and the legal system, if you end up going to court, are skeptical if they see a gap in treatment between the time the accident occurred and the time you see a doctor. This is a gray area because often times in an accident you may not see the resulting injury for several months. One day you may notice headaches or neck pain or a pinched nerve and you may not even make the connection that it could be caused by an accident that happened several months prior.

Don’t push the possibility of long-range injury out of your mind or ignore it and just hope for the best. An injury may or may not show up. If is does it could turn into something that seriously affects your life. For the cost of a couple doctor visits you can safeguard your future, especially if it turns out you ARE seriously injured. Protect yourself and know your best strategies up front. Please call me if you’ve been injured in an accident or think you may have been. I’ll get you on the right track. (251) 202-3374

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