Spring is in the Air- Time to Beware

Spring is here. After being cooped up all winter we are so eager to get out our motorcycles, boats, and four wheelers! All these activities are fun and enjoyable, but they also make the spring season ripe for accidents and injuries. Let’s take motorcycles for instance. Spring hits and motorcyclists are eager to clean the dust of their bikes and get the motor running. It is important for vehicle drivers to be aware of this and be aware of motorcycles and scooters that can be hard to detect on the roads with their smaller size.

Every spring motorcyclists will be injured as passenger vehicles forget to look for them or simply don’t spot them in their blind spot. Because of this trend in increased accidents in the spring, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

75% of motorcycle accidents involve collision with another vehicle, usually a car. Only 25% of accidents are the result of a motorcycle by itself. So I’d like to offer some basic reminders to drivers and motorists alike. Drivers, take a moment longer to look for oncoming motorcycles before turning or switching lanes. Give motorcycles ample space to been seen and maneuver in a safe way. In general, pay more attention than usual. Motorcyclists, always obey the traffic laws and lights. Wear a helmet. Use blinkers and hand signals when turning. Make yourself as visible as possible to others sharing the road with you. As a motorist your best defense is a good offense. Finally, the largest percentage of motorcycle fatalities involve operators with blood alcohol levels of .08 or more. Drinking and riding has decreased over the last decade, but it goes without saying…NEVER drink and ride.

Springtime is also a time when people are traveling on spring break, holidays, or even going hunting. All of these activities involve travel and other safety precautions that need to be taken to ensure your safety. If you do find yourself injured in an accident this spring one of the most important things you can do is get to a doctor right away. Many times the extent of injuries is not known for many months. You have a much better chance for a favorable outcome with insurance companies if you can document doctor visits right away. However, I want to emphasize that doing this is not about appeasing insurance companies. It’s about taking the best and most responsible actions to protect your body and your overall health. Alabama has a statute of limitations of two years. This means you have up to two years to file a legal claim. So please, take time to manage your health first and worry about insurance and legal issues later.

Secondly, it is important to have a reputable attorney in the area of personal injury law. I know the methods to protect your best interests while you focus on healing. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you deal with the maze of insurance issues and teach you how to “cover your tracks” and make your legal and healing process go more smoothly. I encourage you to call me if you’ve been in an accident. Let’s talk about your situation. If you don’t call me, I assume it’s because you are out there being safe and enjoying the beautiful spring season so get to it!

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