Contributory Negligence in Alabama

Suppose a driver is driving in a negligent way. Suppose this negligent driving causes an accident. Since this driver contributed to the accident he or she cannot sue the other driver for damages. This is referred to as “contributory negligence”. It applies when the claimant is responsible for creating their own harm. Another example of this is if a person disregards warnings and proceeds with an intended but risky action anyway.

Contributory negligence can be seen as an unfair practice when taken to the extreme. It is referred to as “pure contributory negligence” when a person who is found to be even 1% at fault may be denied all compensation. Many states in America are a bit more lax than this. However, Alabama is one of the few states that applies pure contributory negligence, along with District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. If you are considering filing a claim in the state of Alabama it is important to know this. Alabama’s greatest concern if for the innocent injured party. To learn more about this and the specifics of your case, contact us today, (251) 202-3374.