Create Something That Will Make the World Awesome - Just Be Sure to Protect it First

So, you’ve written the next hit song, produced the greatest movie ever and introduced the most beautiful fragrance known to man to the world – but you didn’t legally lay your claim to any of it, and now somebody else has taken your idea and made it their own – yes, legally. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d think, and creative minds out there are getting gipped out of millions that should be rightfully theirs. If you think you have the next big thing – if you’re in the process of creating the next big thing – or if you KNOW you already have the next big thing, get help. An entertainment lawyer on your side can mean the difference between life in the fast lane or life stuck in park.

An entertainment lawyer can help protect your intellectual property , such as the next hit song or the “the greatest movie ever.” There are so many nuances to the law – (for instance, did you know that a trademark protects a word, trade, symbol or device, whereas a copyright protects “original works of authorship” and a patent grants property rights to an inventor?) – that to try to navigate it alone is like trying to navigate a minefield unprotected. With a strong entertainment lawyer on your side, you can traverse that minefield of record contracts, publishing agreements and licensing agreements safely.

An experienced entertainment lawyer can explain the concepts of copyrights, trademarks and patents to you, walk you through the numerous contracts you will undoubtedly have to sign, and help you secure proper protection for your creative work. They can also help you structure every deal in a way that maximizes benefits for you. However, it’s important to note that an entertainment lawyer is like every other lawyer out there – they do charge for your time – so unless you already have a great product, or you’re 99.9999% sure that what you have is a goldmine, don’t retain a lawyer just yet. But, if you believe in yourself and your talents, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, invest in legal representation and do not sign anything without consulting your lawyer. Everyone needs someone to look out for their interests, and, as a creative mind, you do too.

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